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The story

Restore places
in respect of the past… 
and turn to the future...

At the beginning of the 18th century, Édouard Joachim De Beaurepaire, Lord of Barres and Champigny, owned all the lands of Champigny-sur-Aube.


An anecdote

At the time of his death in 1728, Édouard Joachim De Beaurepaire donated an annuity to the Church of Champigny-sur-Aube so that a mass could be held annually in his honor, in perpetuity. The tradition was lost with time...


On August 20, 1735, Charles François Cuissotte de Gizancourt married Élisabeth de Beaurepaire, daughter of Édouard Joachim de Beaurepaire and Marie Élisabeth de Bourges.


His grandson, Armand Charles Cuissotte sold the property in 1841. If the barn, the dovecote and its outbuildings remain, a building which completed the square of the courtyard, was destroyed.


Charles Alexandre BERTRAND bought the property and gave birth to the current residence in 1851.

The contemporary and famous astronomer from Troy, Charles Delaunay, affixed a remarkable sundial on the east side of the house.


Will then succeed several owners until the acquisition in 2017 by Olivier & Elisabeth, the current managers.  

For more than 100 years, the barn has had an agricultural vocation, so when the farm was acquired the decision was taken to proceed with its restoration & development.


The main objective was to respect the place and its volumes in the respect of their singular beauty as well as the people who lived there, by highlighting the old uses, as well as the contemporary uses.

It was imperative to preserve this extra soul, and the integrity of these elements:

  • Phonetically and thermally insulated the barn and its roof in their original spirit, , 

  • Maintaining & restoring the chalk gables to their original state, 

  • Creation of a wall in wood panelling as in the origin

  • Conservation of the interior volumes, of which only the use differs today.

  • Realization of a building with the last generation thermal properties in order to join the barn and the stables

Respect the materials used

The charm of the Clos de Beaurepaire also lies in the diversity and nobility of the materials used.

The reuse of materials or the use of local materials for floors, beams, chalk & bricks allowed the preservation of the buildings' appearance.

  • Use of the old floors of the mansion to dress the partitions of the cottage entrance,

  • Resumption of the old beams in certain decorations or for consolidations,

  • Repair of the chalk gables of the barn with lime

  • Creation of a terrace in typical champagne brick from the Royer tile factory in Soulaines-Dhuys.

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