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The framework

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Nestled in the valley of the aube, cradled by the Herbissonne river,

the Domaine du Clos de Beaurepaire welcomes you in Champigny-Sur-Aube..



The closed

The Clos de Beaurepaire estate covers three hectares of park and garden


  The stroll through the park with its various species of trees, some of which are centuries old, will undoubtedly seduce your guests. Adjacent to the park, an imposing mansion built in 1851 in the typical white chalk of the region, gives the place an authenticity and a very particular history.

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by Beaurepaire

The challenge was great !

The estate was restored with the objective of preserving the authenticity 

of the place.

Let's continue the walk in the green and elegant courtyard of the wine of honor dominated by a dovecote with wood sides.

Let's then enter through the glass roof, the frames are of workshop type and the floor is in cement tiles. The atmosphere is elegant and cosy.  

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