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Time for a wedding

The makeover 

A nice awakening at the Maison Beaurepaire surrounded by your close family, your witnesses ...

The impatience is felt. The preparations begin slowly...


The team for your beauty treatment arrives, relax, enjoy being pampered on site ... 


Your photographer, videographer are there and immortalize these beautiful moments. The time has come to dress you in your precious : The DRESS !!! blow, breathe, laugh, a tear of joy flows...


Time passes...

"Honey" is waiting for you in the park from behind. He turns around and discovers you... "you live your moment together"... 

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The arrival

The gates of Beaurepaire open slowly and you arrive... The driveway in front of Beaurepaire house looms and you enter the estate. The sun's rays are warming the air and the day looks as beautiful as it is wonderful for you.

The Lay or Religious ceremony

Benches are installed in the park to create a country amphitheater for a unique moment out of time.


The lay ceremony is held on the green lawn near the Herbissonne river in the shade of the weeping willows, (or possibly in the barn if a light rain comes uninvited!)


The different species of trees in the park, some of which are a hundred years old, will watch over your happiness. 


For a religious ceremony, there are beautiful churches within a radius of 5kms of the Clos de Beaurepaire. 

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The cocktail


In the courtyard of honour, everything is ready: the immaculate buffets are set up, the champagne is sparkling, a team in professional clothes is waiting for you...


Your arrival is perfectly orchestrated. You walk up the aisle, in a carriage or car, and your guests park in the private parking lot.


Lulled by soft music, your guests contemplate the cocktail served in the courtyard of honour. The caterer and his teams go back and forth from the office to supply the culinary workshops.

The evening

It's time for the nightly festivities...


Your guests enter through the canopy and discover the barn, its superb framework and its chalk gables. 

Your friends and family share what they know about you and evoke joyful memories...


The party is in full swing, you go from table to table thanking, discussing with your guests .... The dance floor is waiting for you... Your guests have fun and keep an idyllic memory of your wedding.


You live one of the most beautiful days of your life... so don't forget to enjoy it.  

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The night is over, most of the guests have left and the day is over; what remains are your closest family members.


The Clos de Beaurepaire welcomes you the next day for a relaxed brunch.

Many possibilities are offered to you : buffet, brunch, food truck, BBQ, country lunch, and if the weather allows it, why not on the terrace.

The end of the weekend arrives, you remember good times and a new adventure begins...

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The formulas

Weekday wedding

3 days / 2 nights

Treat yourself to an authentic setting in our beautiful region to celebrate your wedding!


During the week, let yourself be enchanted by this place of charm, authenticity and character. 


The domain and its accommodations are available from Tuesday 2pm to Thursday 4pm for your brunch.

Weekend wedding

3 days / 2 nights

Take advantage of an exceptional domain in exclusivity for a unique moment with your loved ones!


A cocktail in the park & courtyard of honor, a dinner in our wooded barn...

The domain and its accommodations are at your disposal from Friday 2pm to Sunday 5pm for your brunch.

Winter wedding

3 days / 2 nights

Make your dream come true and surprise your guests!

Organize your wedding in winter!


 Le Clos de Beaurepaire welcomes you in its fully insulated & heated spaces, enjoy the friendly flames of our brazier. 


The domain and its accommodations are available from Friday 2pm to Sunday 5pm for your brunch.


The furniture

  • 250 Chiavari chairs. 

  • 14 Catering buffet tables - black covers - height adjustable from 74 cm to 95 cm - 

  • 14 Stand-up tables - black covers - diam 80 cm 

  • 40 Benches of 220 * 25 or 4/5 persons

  • 1 round arches 170 diam for the secular ceremony or your decoration

  • 10 wrought iron garden furniture grey anthracite with 2 armchairs and 2 chairs each

  • In the entrance : buffet + mirror / set 1 sofa 1 armchair Louis HV / 3 lanterns / 1 lady jeanne-Pampa

  • Toilet corridor: 1 apple box - pampa decor

  • Nursery: TV - 15 children mattresses - 1 coffee table - 1 carpet 

  • Nusery bis: Fridge / microwave / changing table

20220402-1234 2.JPG


  • Sound system (speaker - microphones)

  • Projection screen & video projector

  • Interior & exterior lighting

  • Catering area with preparation tables, plate warmer, freezer, cold room and unloading platform

  • 12 toilets including 2 PMR & 4 urinals

  • Brazier/plancha from the QUOCO house

  • Antoinette : the beer fountain with 20 or 30L barrels

  • Joséphine : the photobooth

  • High speed Wifi

  • Private parking with 2 places for disabled people

  • Checkroom : 4 racks and 150 hangers

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